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BP Distance Learning Room

Our team has created the “Distance Learning Room” for BP

Eurodesign presents  you its next successful project. Our team has created the “Distance Learning Room” for BP. As one of the world leaders in the field of oil and gas, BP provides training programs to its employees around the world. Training is usually held in the conference rooms of hotels or other places. Employees often had to travel for trainings, which cost BP valuable resources. BP was looking for a way to provide employees with access to the high-quality training in their home time zones and provide a cost-effective, custom-designed learning environment.

By creating both central and supportive learning centers with collaborative capabilities, BP could teach and transfer knowledge more easily and effectively. These high-quality training centers not only have the potential of distance learning, which broadcast classes from one object to another, but also provide specialized technologies that help facilitate the learning process. The hall carries a wide range of functions for both local and remote trainings. This solution uses a complex infrastructure for managing audio-video streams using Crestron technologies.

The hall  also supports calls to any type of communication, both cellular, IP, and landline, analog and add this connection to the video conference process. The entire infrastructure is combined and operates in one large, written Crestron processor code.

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