Creation of IT Infrastructure for a Digital Museum

The Client: Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ACSC)

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint-Stock Company aims to increase local and international maritime shipping and to strengthen the country’s competitiveness and transit potential. In this way it contributes to radical structural reforms in Azerbaijan’s economy. Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping has a specialized fleet of 204 ships serving the oil and gas industry, a transport fleet of 51 ships, and ship repair yards. The company is committed to fulfilling its tasks promptly and at a high level.

Business Challenge

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping decided to overhaul the Surakhani tanker, which had been carrying oil and oil products for decades, and to transform it into the first interactive digital museum in Azerbaijan. The ship needed a unified management system, as it was to be used as an art space. The project required the entire museum service to be digital, including its audio and video materials, and to have data storage infrastructure.

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ED set up a digital data storage centre for the first and, so far, only interactive museum in the country. At the next stage, ED created a general control system for museum information to enable optimal management of the museum. The video stream control system allows the secure transmission and display of information, as well as its integration into digital networks.

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Business Value

The IT infrastructure developed by ED enabled the customer to enhance business value by achieving the following goals:

  • The creation of an internal information centre to store all the museum’s written, audio and video materials.
  • The creation of a secure control system for information located in the data centre.
  • The installation of an interactive museum system with audio-visual controls, which enables video and audio transmission.
  • The installation of UPS systems and implementation of 3D project mapping