Development and Deployment of an Electronic Archive System

The Client: The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Finance is the central executive agency within the Republic of Azerbaijan, responsible for implementation of the state financial policy and management of the state finance. Documents are a critical value for the Ministry and it attaches great importance to their proper use and storage.


Business Challenge

Since its establishment on May 8, 1918 the Ministry of Finance has created a large number of paper documents. Over the time the documents have been damaged during constant use and exposure to dust and moisture in the air. There was a need to create a document management and electronic archiving system, which would provide a high-quality services to the users.

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The Ministry of Finance invited ED to analyse the challenges and issues of creating a documentation archive. This included identifying the goals of the archive and the operating procedures to enable efficient usage of the archived documents. A month of elicitation workshops helped our team to design work processes and procedures aligned with the Ministry’s vision and requirements.  

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Business value

ED’s solution enabled the customer to enhance business value by achieving the following goals:


  • Digitizing all the Ministry’s archival documents.
  • Creating a system that enables quick search and unlimited storage of documents.
  • Reducing the risk of damage to physical documents.
  • Simplifying the archiving procedure.


Microsoft C#, Elasticsearch, Lucene, MS SQL