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BP Upstream Field Network Modernization Program

The management of the Eastern hemisphere project and the design of the Wi-Fi network were entrusted to Eurodesign.

BP UFNM (Upstream Field Network Modernization) Program

BP is one of the leading oil companies. The company has a 100-year history of producing and refining oil in many parts of the world. In the 50s, it began to discover oil fields in the North Sea, and then began to operate them. Since the early 80s, BP has started large-scale oil production in the North Sea. BP first came to Azerbaijan in June 1992 and opened its first office in Baku. Over the past 25 years, BP-operated world-class projects (Azeri-Chiraq-Guneshli (ACG), Shah Deniz, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) have contributed to its development by turning the Caspian Sea into a modern hydrocarbon region within the partnership with the Government of Azerbaijan and our partners. These years have been accompanied by many significant and peculiar significant events on the basis of safe, responsible and efficient operations.

BP has announced the launch of the global UFNM program from 2018 as part of the digital strategy plan.  The purpose of the program is the modernization of information and telecommunication infrastructure on oil and gas platforms, the introduction of Wi-Fi and LTE (4G) broadband technologies These technologies will provide access to a wireless data network in areas where oil and gas processes are carried out.

Based on the complexity of the program, the implementation of works in several stages is planned. The Western hemisphere was chosen as the first phase, and the work was completed in the first half of 2019. The second phase of the program covers the Eastern hemisphere.

Countries included in the second phase:

1. AGT ( Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey)
2. North Africa
3. Oman
4. Angola

Implementation of the second phase began in August 2019. The management of the Eastern hemisphere project and the design of the Wi-Fi network were entrusted to Eurodesign.

The solution of Wi-Fi network technology envisaged within the BP OFNM program will be provided by Aruba Company. Provision and provision of Wi-Fi equipment in Azerbaijan region is also entrusted to Eurodesign. Eurodesign is a Silver Partner of Aruba.

The LTE (4G) technology solution will be provided by the respective Mobile Operator, which will win the tender for each of the above mentioned countries.
İt is worth mentioning that Bakcell mobile operator in Azerbaijan, having won the tender, will introduce LTE (4G) technology on the mentioned BP platforms.
The second phase of the project on the Eastern Hemisphere is scheduled for the end of December 2021.

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