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Regional Development Support Grant Program

Eurodesign won the tender for the purchase of IT-equipment

We won a tender for a “Regional Development Support Grant Program”

Eurodesign won the tender for the purchase of IT-equipment for the Ministry of Economy under  the “Regional Development Support Grant Program”.
The Ministry of economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a central executive authority to develop economic policy, economic and social forecasts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ensuring the development of individual sectors of the economy, including industry, structural and innovation in the economy, investment operations, as well as investment generation, investment and promotion, development of entrepreneurship, state support for entrepreneurship, protection, development and promotion of competition, elimination of unfair competition, protection of consumer rights, protection of public funds, purchase of goods (works and services), as well as implementing state policy and regulation in the areas of domestic trade, foreign economic and trade relations, socio-economic development of regions and public utilities sector (hereinafter, in the relevant area).

In accordance with the “Regional Development Support Grant Program” the Eurodesign has implemented the process of installing IT-equipment for the Ministry of economy, providing the following:

  • Cooling equipment for Data Center
  • Network equipment
  • Continuous power supply equipment for the Data Center
  • Interactive functional electronic board
  • Servers
  • Fiber optical switch
  • Scanners
  • Printing equipment

The project was completed on time, according to estimates and in accordance with international standards.

Another satisfied customer and another successful project!

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