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"Azerenergy" OJSC is building a stable optical transport network

DWDM and IP network design is based on specific business needs

Azerenerji Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) coordinates the production and transmission of electricity, power plants, substations, system-forming high-voltage power lines 110, 220, 330, 500 kilovolts and their dispatch control facilities, ensuring the functioning of the country's electric power system. Implementing new technologies, this OJSC is increasing its generating capacities and reconstructing the power transmission of high-voltage lines in the country. Along with this, Azerenerji conducts energy exchange operations with foreign countries. Shares owned by the state.

The power system provided by Azerenergy is controlled through the SCADA system. SCADA system equipment operates in the Azerenerji fiber optic network. The above equipment is already out of production and does not meet modern requirements. With this in mind, Azerenerji decides to build a stable optical transport network and instructs Eurodesign to create the network.

The creation of DWDM and IP network projects by Azerenergy JSOC is based on specific business needs. Thus, the limited capacity of the existing network does not allow the use of modern systems.

Taking into account the above, the work requirements for the specified project of Azerenergy ОJSC are formed as follows.

1. Establishment of a continuous DWDM- and IP-transmission network
2. Optimizing the use of fiber optical network sources and installing as well as renting a DWDM-network through a single optical fiber core
3. Introducing new business opportunities by renting channels with different capacities through multi-channel DWDM-technology

DWDM- and IP-transmission equipment covering the optical transport network allow maximum use of existing fiber optic network sources. DWDM-technology is multi-channel and allows you to transmit multicolor waveforms (channels) through a dual fiber optic network of up to 400 Gbit / s for each channel.

The project is planned for December 2021.

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