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Central Information System

The Ministry of Justice has initiated a project to create a unique information system based on modern web technologies.

According to Presidential decree, The Ministry of Justice has initiated a project to develop a unique Information System for prisoners and detainees based on modern web technologies that will serve as a person-centric database for the requirements of different individual departments, mainly:

  • Probation Service
  • Penitentiary Services
  • Medical Services

The system will be integrated with already available existing systems at the MOJ and will ensure seamless integration of all data sources.

The Central Information System intends to be a new, completely bespoke solution built based on the requirements provided by the Ministry of Justice and main stakeholders from the various departments. The system does not intent to replace any of the existing systems or their functionalities, but intends to complement them by integrating their data related to a person into a single holistic view of the person.

The system itself will provide data management, analytics, reporting capabilities and other functionalities for all stakeholders. System intends integration with all related governmental information systems and implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

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