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Baku 2017

There is not a single aspect of the multisport events that is not supported by computer systems.

This year, the capital of Azerbaijan will be hosting prestigious international multisport event - 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. The breathtaking event that represent unity, peace, respect and excellence will bring together leading athletes from more than 50 countries and millions of spectators watching the games in awe. For more than ten days, Baku will be the home to thousands of athletes striving to win in the spectacular competitions.

There is not a single aspect of the multisport events that is not supported by computer systems. Information Technology is enabling Organizing Committee to plan, arrange and manage sport competitions. From event planning to maintenance of complex infrastructure at the competition venues, Azerbaijan Islamic Solidarity Games Operations Committee (AISGOC) relies on technology systems and applications to deliver a range of supporting services in the most effective manner. IT infrastructure built for AISGOC consists of hundreds of network switches, thousands of computers and state of the art data center hosting games critical software and enterprise applications. Every component of this complex infrastructure must work flawlessly to deliver successful games.

Eurodesign is proud to be the technology partner of AISGOC and provide technology solutions and services to 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. Eurodesign has been selected by AISGOC to build the network infrastructure, develop software applications, manage multiple projects and maintain logistics services for Islamic Solidarity Games Organizing Committee. Within very limited time window, Eurodesign have built the network infrastructure, voice systems and developed tailored software solutions for the organizing committee.

“The tremendous experience gained from 1st European Games helps Eurodesign to deliver secure and highly resilient IT-infrastructure for 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. Technology architecture developed by Eurodesign satisfies technical as well as business requirements. Multisport events of such magnitude cannot afford any delay; therefore, every IT system must be built on time.  Eurodesign are confident in the quality of the work done and committed to deliver reliable services to ensure smooth operations of IT systems during games time.” – mentioned Sabir Hagverdiyev, Technology Director of Eurodesign.

The role of Eurodesign in 4th Islamic Solidarity Games is to facilitate digital empowerment of the organization by providing the tools and applications needed to manage world class multisport event. As a technology partner, we have developed business software applications specifically designed to manage Competition Schedule and control Materials Delivery to all the venues. It is hard to underestimate the role of volunteers in multisport events. Volunteers are respected members of the extended family of professionals and enthusiasts working at AISGOC. Eurodesign have contributed to seamless integration of volunteer’s community to organizing committee by building Volunteer Training Portal. With almost two thousand permanent staff members working in preparation for the games, AISGOC has become an enterprise organization that requires effective recruitment process. The Interview Management System developed by Eurodesign, enabled workforce team to interview best in class professionals in the time efficient manner. The Pharmacy Distribution application developed by Eurodesign plays a critical role in understanding various individuals' needs as well as providing an effective solution for doping control. The Document Management System implemented by Eurodesign enables effective team collaboration within the organization, helping AISGOC staff to perform their daily work in a secure and convenient fashion. The dedicated team of Logistics specialists and warehouse services provided by Eurodesign helped to maintain effective distribution services throughout the duration of the project, manage international, regional and domestic shipments to and from AISGOC facilities. 

Eurodesign is honored to be technology partner for AISGOC to deliver excellent Baku 2017, 4th Islamic Solidarity Games!

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