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Azercell Cisco Support

With the largest market share and more than 4 million customers, Azercell is the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan.

Azercell aims to be a reliable partner to suppliers and contractors. Suppliers that fulfill demands set in the RFP documentation will be evaluated by Azercell. The RFP evaluation will be based on all elements of each response and the supplier’s ability to meet its commitments. Suppliers are evaluated on the basis of total cost, quality and customer experience in combinations with RFP specific criteria such as:

- Support Questionnaire 
- Requirements 
- Service-Level Agreement 

Azercell will short-list Suppliers after the proposals have been evaluated and Suppliers not in the short-list will not proceed into negotiations with Azercell. For this reason, the Supplier is encouraged to give the “best bid” straight away.                                 


Response to this RFP shall include a complete proposal for providing HW and SW Support for all Cisco equipment mentioned in CISCO EQUIPMENT LIST, including: power supply, controllers, chassis, supervisor’s transceivers, linecards, fans, firewall modules, CPU, RAM, DSP etc., as well as providing access for downloading SW and firmware updates. (detailed RFP in “Revised_ RFP Cisco equipment Support.xlsx” document)             

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