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Software Licensing

The State Oil Fund is a special purpose state organization in which Azerbaijan's revenues from implementation of oil and gas agreements are accumulated, managed and preserved for future generations.

SOFAZ's is  mission is to transform deplorable hydrocarbon reserves into financial assets generating perpetual income for current and future generations, to finance strategically important infrastructure and social projects of national scale, to ensure the representation of the country in international agreements on joint exploration of natural resources.

In March 2016, a tender had been held by SOFAZ for Oracle licenses. With the best provided offer in terms of delivery and price Eurodesign took this opportunity to provide software licences (1 year- 70 user)  for The State Oil Fund.

About Oracle Licencing:

A license is the "right to use" (RTU) the software and not the software itself. If you have a license, you can obtain a copy of the software media through whatever means - download , use the CDs from your last project, etc.
Please note that Oracle doesn't use software keys. You can just install the software and use it. It is up to you and your consciences to license the software before using it.

Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 
When used with Oracle Real Application Clusters in a clustered server environment, Oracle Database Standard Edition requires the use of Oracle Clusterware. Third-party clusterware management solutions are not supported.

When used with Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Advanced Security SSL/TLS is included.

The license restrictions for Standard Edition must be adhered to. The maximum number of CPUs defined is for the entire cluster; it is not a per node maximum.

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) must be used to manage all database-related files. Third-party volume managers and file systems are not supported for this purpose. ASM is required for the storage of:

Database data files

  • Online logs
  • Archive logs
  • Control files
  • Server parameter files (spfiles)
  • Flash Recovery Area

One more happy client and one more successful project in our portfolio!  

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