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Telecom passive equipment (ADC Krone)

Passive Infrastructure sharing- is sharing non-electronic infrastructure at cell site and nowadays it is becoming even more popular in telecom industry.

Bakcell LLC — was established in March 1994 as a Joint Venture between GTIB and the Ministry of Communication of the Azerbaijan Republic. Bakcell was the first company that began to provide cellular communication services in Azerbaijan

With the innovative approach to each deal, Eurodesign offered the best solution and was awarded a contract by Bakcell to supply and deploy Passive telecom equipment to during 2010-2011.

ADC KRONE offers a complete, end-to-end network infrastructure solution for FTTX networks. From the CO or headend to the customer premises, regional carriers, independent operators, municipalities, Multiple System Operators (MSOs), utilities, and developers worldwide have tapped the experience and innovation of ADC KRONE to build their FTTX networks.
Implementing FTTX affects the network core. It affects the outside plant access and distribution network. It also touches customers at the premises, whether for residential, business, or Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications. ADC KRONE’s suite of end-to-end connectivity solutions is truly comprehensive and features the following, field-proven attributes that save time, save money, and help improve customer satisfaction:

• Indoor and outdoor environmental protection
• Advanced cable management
• Time-saving cross-connect options
• Field-proven performance and reliability
• Preterminated and plug-and-play options
• Rigorous quality standards

The telecom equipment was tested and delivered on time, within budget and as per international standards.

One more happy client and one more successful project in our portfolio!  

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