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Information Security Solutions

Unibank is one of the largest private banks of Azerbaijan. Its consolidated capital exceeds AZN 65 million as calculated in accordance with the international standards.

Established in 2002, Unibank successfully established trust based relationship with customers. The management of Unibank intended to create secure and reliable local network which will not slow down the performance of network. Our trained technicians offered the best optimal security solution -Symantec, which is one of major line of defense in local network and fully met their requirement.

Symantec is the global overall market leader in Endpoint Security, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention and SSL Certificates.

Symantec Endpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to deliver faster, more advanced protection against today’s sophisticated and targeted attacks. Protection layers include firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-virus in addition to Insight and SONAR. Symantec’s Insight reputation monitoring technology protects against mutating malware while facilitating faster scan times. SONAR delivers powerful protection against zero-day attacks by monitoring file behavior. This industry leading solution features a single high-powered agent with advanced management capabilities granular policy controls and support for multiple operating systems.

The growth in targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats require layered protection and intelligent security at the endpoint. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 brings unrivaled security, blazing performance, and smarter management across both physical and virtual environments. By leveraging the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, Symantec can proactively identify at-risk files and stop zero-day threats without slowing down your performance. Only Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 provides the security you need through a single, high-powered agent, for the fastest, most-effective protection available.

Key Features

  • Unrivalled Security - Stops targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats with layered protection at the endpoint
  • Network Threat Protection analyses incoming data streams and proactively blocks threats
  • Insight™ reputation analysis separates files at-risk from safe files for faster more accurate detection
  • SONAR™ behavioral analysis monitors application behavior in real-time and stops targeted attacks and zero-day threats
  • Strong antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall protection
  • Blazing Performance - Optimized for strong performance in both physical and virtual environments
  • Insight technology only requires scanning of at-risk files, reducing scan time by up to 70%
  • Reduced client size with smaller memory footprint for embedded systems or VDI
  • Reduced network load with flexibility to control number of network connections and bandwidth
  • Smarter Management - Singular management console across physical and virtual platforms with granular policy control
  • Single high performance agent with single management console for Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines and embedded systems
  • Support for remote deployment and client management for Windows and Mac
  • Granular policy control with system lock-down, application and device control and location awareness

Key Benefits

  • Layered protection to keep endpoints safe from mass malware, targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats
  • Superior threat protection backed by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network
  • Performance so fast it won’t impact user productivity
  • Ease of use with a single client and management console across both physical and virtual platforms
  • Flexibility to adjust polices based on users and location

We integrated SEP 12 in the Local Network of Unibank and established safe site for 1500+ users and computers.

The Project was completed for a short period of time as Symantec integrates with AD Domain network. We installed Symantec Server and established security on hosts which can be remotely controlled in distance from Symantec server. Our experienced technicians configured and created Security Policy, Firewall settings for SEP 12 and delivered a tested and reliable system to IT Department of Unibank.

One more happy client and one more successful project in our portfolio!  

Completion date: November 2014

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