Creation of a Mobile Application for a Labour Exchange

The Client: The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labour and Social Protection is the central executive body in the country implementing state policy in the field of labour relations, labour protection, use of labour resources, employment and social protection, including pensions and social insurance. There are six state committees under the Ministry, which cover the main directions of the Ministry’s work. 

Business Challenge

The State Employment Agency needed to facilitate the involvement of relevant categories of the unemployed and job seekers in one-off, short-term, seasonal work. A variety of factors, including the period of service, location, level of professionalism and rates, created difficulties for job seekers. Also, those seeking jobs and other services were limited in their ability to make electronic choices.

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ED created a mobile application for the labour exchange to make it easy for the unemployed and job seekers to find one-off, short-term, seasonal jobs based on customer requests. The mobile application also enables job seekers to find work in the area closest to them, and allows an employer to check an applicant’s level of professionalism through assessments. The employer can get all the official information about a job seeker through the mobile application.

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Business value 

ED enabled the customer to enhance business value by providing the following solutions: 

  • A mobile application that simplifies the search process for job seekers, those registered as unemployed at the State Employment Agency, and potential employers through the use of categories such as location and professional level. 

  • An evaluation to determine the level of professionalism of those seeking work or other services.

  • Faster, more efficient searches for both employers and job seekers.

  • A single platform with growth and development potential for the country’s labour market.