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Eurodesign implements innovative systems for Bravo supermarket

Information technology directly influences the efficiency of key processes at a retail enterprise.

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Trading supermarket network of Azerbaijan Supermarket Company (Bravo brand) is one of the most prospective and developing networks in Azerbaijan. Today you can get acknowledged with its principles of retail sales and customer approach in new Ganjlik Mall. In the nearest future another such a supermarket is opening at Amburan Beach.
At present many companies understand  that information technology directly influences the efficiency of key processes at a retail enterprise. It is not merely a mean for collection and analysis of data or a way of reducing amount of manual labor. First of all it is a management tool supplying managers and owners with information on business situation in the company and allowing taking more intelligent and well-grounded managerial decisions both tactic and strategic ones. In this regard Azerbaijan Supermarket Company had a task to build IT-infrastructure and put on a complex security system in the opening network. The Eurodesign Company was chosen to accomplish that project.
The Eurodesign Company has built a centralized information system, installed telecommunication and server equipment as well as special-purpose software. As a result of the project accomplishment Bravo supermarket network received a united information system providing the employees all the necessary services. Control of salesrooms, personnel facilities, and the territories adjoining of the store territories is exercised with the aid of intelligent video surveillance system which were connected to video servers by a network and cable infrastructure specially build for that. IP video surveillance ensures simultaneous live video broadcast, recording video, playback of video archives for both local and remote system operators. A centralized power-supply system is introduced for uninterrupted and accident-free operation of the security system. Implementation of digital IP solution allowed designing flexible and easily scaled system, which, at a later date and if necessary, can be easily integrated into the united security system of Bravo supermarket network. The Eurodesign Company has designed and deployed data and voice network infrastructure for opening Bravo supermarket chain. Our company has merited the trust of Bravo because we offered a solution enabling the project accomplishment with not only minimal costs and in the shortest possible time but also by means of invaluable experience of Eurodesign team, which has a portfolio of mass of successful introductions. In the upshot, all the tasks including creating a network, adjustment of security systems and video surveillance as well as provision with other IT services necessary for opening the first supermarket of the new network in Ganjlik Mall have been accomplished with high quality and on time. 

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