ED has successfully designed a Data Center that was ranked compliant to Tier III standard.

9th September 2022

ICT teams are under growing pressure to deliver increasing value to the business. In addition to responding to day-to-day operational challenges, ICT organizations are expected to establish new deployment paradigms, including server virtualization, cloud computing, and ultimately, business automation. 

Reliable data center is an essential part of underpinning infrastructure critical for sustainable ICT operations and a key enabler in supporting organic business growth.

Eurodesign is an active member of ICT community promoting international standards in design, deployment, and management of Data Centre facilities. Applying wealth of knowledge and experience, Eurodesign has successfully designed a Data Center that was certified by Uptime Institute and ranked compliant to Tier III standard. 

The Data Center designed by ED offers our customer highly reliable and concurrently maintainable hosting facility with multiple distribution paths for power and cooling. Compliant to Tier III standards, the Data Center does not require shutdown of systems hosted in the data center during maintenance or equipment replacement.

Contact our team to learn more about best practices in Data Centre design, practical know-how of Data Centre deployment techniques in Azerbaijan and efficient ways to achieve international certification.

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