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Formula 1- Grand Prix of Europe

About 12 terabytes of data are now collected for one race.

Application of the latest technologies let Eurodesign to create efficient, reliable, and secure digital environment, which ensured running the competition at the highest level and in accordance with FIA and FOM standards as well as the standards of Tilke bureau which daily assisted Baku City Circuit experts to control the preparation process of Formula 1- Grand Prix of Europe.

Speed, emotional stress, excitement and innovations are the most characteristic features which makes Formula 1 a phenomenal event of modernity. Starting from civil competitions between Senna and Prost, ending with the races of present leaders, have attracted attention of millions for dozens of years. The popularity of Formula 1, which is seen by 450 million of people around the world, continues to grow very fast. Importance of technological accuracy especially for the sport where the difference between the first and the second position is measured in centiseconds is decisive.

In XXI century no major event can be held without a strong IT-structure. And it is especially true for Formula 1- the most tech-advanced sport in the world. Deployment of infrastructure, implementation of management maintenance and operating IT-system were essentially important for the whole success of Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku

The tremendous experience gained from Baku 2015 The 1st European Games helped Eurodesign to deliver reliable, secure and highly resilient IT-infrastructure for Grand Prix of Europe. Technology architecture contained a wide range of technical as well as business requirements. It was also very important to ensure delivery of all IT services on time, within budget and as per the international standards. 

The Eurodesign Company has applied last technologies in its technical solutions. Using the these solutions, the modern intellectual infrastructure has been developed at the track of the Baku City Circuit. The Cisco’s Cisco Catalyst 3850 and ASR 1002-X solutions have made the basis of the computer network of the track as they are notable for their reliability and high efficiency required for transfer of a multimedia content. To provide an uninterruptible wireless communication Cisco’s solutions have been used for creation of Wi-Fi-networks with high density of a covering (High-Density Wi-Fi): Cisco AP 2702 wireless access points, Cisco Wireless Controller 5520 wireless network monitoring and control system, as well as the special-purpose antennas intended for high-density-networks. An IP-telephony, communications and teamwork have been realized based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco ISR 4431 voice gateways. The last generation technologies and high-level service provided by Cisco have allowed Eurodesign to create the effective and reliable virtual environment of competitions.

The volume of data grows within the sphere of motor racing as well. These are huge information flows due to which people and the companies can take a possibility to improve their business-processes or to optimize any area of life. Formula 1 is one of such example. About 12 terabytes of data are now collected for one race. These data are already analyzed, they help to improve the aerodynamics of race cars and modernize brakes. That command wins which effectively studies the obtained data.

To provide the transparency of events occurring on the track and to collect such information, 39 high resolution IP-cameras have been installed at the Baku City Circuit. All content created by them was collected in the common center located in the Race Control Building. The race management could observe all events occurring at the track using a video wall consisting of 18 professional high resolutions 55” LED-screens. Control over video cameras and reproduction of replays was carried out by means of the most advanced software allowing to display any camera or replay on any part of the video wall.

The special attention is paid to the organization of communication between the members of a team which operates the race. At the Formula 1 there is the marshal communication and race management system which provides communication on 10 groups: flag marshals, track marshals, evacuation service, rescue service, medical service, etc. For these objectives the digital trunked communication network of ТЕТRА standard was implemented at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku which had included about 1500 radio stations of this digital standard. The Eurodesign experts have perfectly coped with the tasks set in the field of the provision of electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities at the Formula 1 objects; the revelation of the sources of inadmissible radio noises of the organizers of radio-electronic facilities and the Formula 1 participants; the revelation of violations of the order and rules of use of a radio-frequency spectrum during the preparation and running the competitions, etc.

Special sensors registering the asphalt temperature, induction loops and the speed measuring equipment allowing the creation of the race timing and statistics system have been mounted into the final layer of asphalt for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku. All these attributes which are provided by FOM (Formula One Management) including the starting fires and traffic lights on the pit lane, travel together with teams during the whole season. The alarm system on the pit lane warning about any object entering the pit stop with a loud sound and a light signal has also been installed by the Eurodesign experts.

Electronic facilities installed at the racing track serve not only to needs of commands and marshals, but also to spectators. The sound notification system has been installed on each Baku City Circuit tribune by means of which the guests of the European Grand Prix could listen to the race comments as well as be well informed about the important announcements taking place in a course of the event. Not only all tribunes, but also the media-center where more than 400 journalists from around the world had worked and official FIA press conferences had passed, were equipped with the sound facilities.

To provide the full dipping of spectators into the Formula 1 atmosphere 15 huge high-quality LED-screens have been installed opposite to each tribune and Pit Stop building. The area of the greatest of them compiled 40-45 sq. For the Paddock club guests, FOM officials, FIA, teams, press, as well as sports commentators the TV system allowing to see the direct translation of race from FOM has been organized at all track objects. More than 350 high resolution TVs with a screen diagonal of 40” has been used to display the image.

The Eurodesign Company has also assumed the responsibility for the creation of official site of the Baku City Circuit (, its support and protection from possible cyber-attacks. Colorful, intuitively clear and functional interface of this Internet resource allowed the visitors to receive the actual information during the days of races, to get them acquainted with the latest news and to learn the schedule of races.

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