Digital transformation as a key factor of success

2nd September 2021

Adopting and adapting processes to digital is more than an afterthought in today’s business. This is why staying competitive and relevant is ever so important for companies. To start and accelerate the transition to digital transformation is critical as it can create new opportunities for businesses to be a step ahead of the competition. The transformation of traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service, is impacting how organizations think about and engage with customers most of all. With the introduction of new technology, organizations will have the opportunity to re-examine how they run their business. In turn, this can grant opportunities for necessary improvement and allow them to improve customer experience and branch out into industries that have never been accessible before.

Four industries that are grasping digital to lead business success, and considering the challenges and opportunities the future holds for each, require a careful study: utility service operators, telecoms, finance, and technology.

Utility Service Operators

It is known that customer experience management and strategy are vital to a call center’s growth. For this very reason, being “customer-centric” is fundamental. In view of this, customers need services like:

  • Digital call center with fully automated end to end solution of the trouble ticket system and trouble-shooting process;            
  • Automatization of all internal processes, including document flow, ERP, warehouse and procurement;
  • Billing and charging systems;
  • Data Center.



According to McKinsey, there is a strong correlation between profit margin and five areas of IT for the telecoms industry:

  • Robust Consumer analytics;
  • Digitization of order management;
  • Self-service CRM;
  • Simplified IT interfaces;
  • Business Automation.

When diving deep into telecom companies, they must shift their practices to become more customer-centric. Those who do so will be better positioned to avail themselves of the opportunities digital transformation presents.


It is obvious that technology awareness changes everything around us and the question is, “How will tech shape the future of finance? Technologies like cloud computing, analytics, and robotics are among the most innovative digital tools that modify the core of banking and finance. Now, human error is less likely to occur as machine learning and robots take over. People have financial management at their fingertips, and digital is at the heart of all interactions. Consequently, from mobile banking apps and smart ATMs to virtual assistants and chatbots, the future of finance and banking is already quickly taking shape. Sooner rather than later, human power will be reduced to a minimum level in banking. Not only can the robots do the job faster, there is also widespread consensus that they can offer a superior user experience.


As expected, technology companies are the ultimate pioneers in digitalization. The main noteworthy areas of digital transformations are:

Cloud computing – This helps companies put data insights to better use while also making it easier to transform business models and operations;

Flexible consumption – This approach reduces unit costs and allows for “pay as you go” models. Ultimately, flexible consumption enhances the customer relationship.

Cognitive computing – While still a work in progress, cognitive computing improves products, streamlines services, and allows companies to make more informed decisions as they learn to harness the potential of machine learning.

These four leading industries offer important lessons for companies that are yet to embrace the change and inspire other industries, businesses, and brands in their own journey. While the methods and cultures may differ, each industry shares a common goal: “Cater to the customer”.

Motivated by these developments and to shake up the conventional IT, Eurodesign Sales and Project Management team helps its customers to understand digital transformation opportunities and explore ways to maximize results in day-to-day business using technological solutions for optimization. Our approach is sustainable across every role in our company, for large and small clients: put the customer first and show them the world of possibilities. We are committed to bringing out-of-the-box concepts to life for forward-thinking businesses, and our motto is Leading IT for Leading Business!

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