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The winners of the 1st Cybersecurity Tournament in Azerbaijan has been announced

Leading information security specialists of Azerbaijan were provided with the opportunity to show off their skills and compete for valuable prizes.

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On May 30th, 2017, Baku hosted the first Cybersecurity Tournament in Azerbaijan, organized by Eurodesign and Cisco. Leading information security specialists of Azerbaijan were given an opportunity to show off their skills and compete for valuable prizes.

Two teams were requested to answer questions about scenario concerning Information Security Departments activity and plan of companies in case of a cyber-attack. It`s worth noting that both teams with the names «Green Shield» (Farid Zeynalov, Emin Alihuseynov, Azim Gambarov, Elvin Hajiyev, Ruslan Rasulov) and «Critical Alert» (Sinan Aliyev, Salami Mammadov, Sabukhi Safarov, Orxan Yoltchiyev, Ruslan Guliyev) have perfectly accomplished the given task. Taking into account that the teams had to answer in total 10 questions and the ratings included not only jury votes, but also audience opinion, the «Green Shield» team won with just one point ahead.

Also, as part of the event, the Cisco specialists have presented a new model of information security, which considered all periods of the attack: before, during and after. Recent trends have proven that traditional security methods which rely only on detection and blockings of attacks are no longer effective. The information security policy of a business needs continuous diagnosis and timely updating. It`s the only way for companies to confront cyber-threats changing daily and achieve the set goals.

Eurodesign has shared its experience in implementation of the information security technologies and has told about the instruments used for prevention of cyber-attacks during the major events such as The First European Games, 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, Formula 1, etc.

Guests of the event have also gained the opportunity to get acquainted with practical cases of the fight against cybercrimes in its various manifestations, such as financial fraud, theft of confidential or personal data, extortion or disabling of information systems.

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