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Venue Technology Manager (VTM) (Project Based)

Deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2019



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Initially responsible for defining and planning the in-venue spaces and services required by the wider Technology team to deliver technology services to the rest of event and to end client groups.

 The focus of key responsibilities will evolve during the implementation and operational phases of The Games. 

  • Develop effective working relationships with the Venue Team, ensuring that overlay and other building deliverables to Technology are provided as specified and to schedule
  • Ensure that required technology spaces are understood, planned and provided.
  • Liaise with other functions to ensure their requirements for your venue are understood and accommodated within the constraints of the project, developing an increasingly detailed view of the technology products and services to be deployed in order to install and operate the venues on time and for the best experience of the various clients.
  • Work with venue management and technology providers to develop a detailed plan for delivery and operation of the venue
  • Prioritise work, develop and maintain an overall program of works for the assigned venue that gives a venue specific integrated view of the delivery of all technology works
  • Initiate and track corrective action for any slippage or change in scope of venue implementation and project plan.
  • Identify areas of risk and develop contingency delivery plans at your assigned venue
  • Production of venue specific equipment layout drawings and detailed space design for critical Technology and client spaces.
  • Provide on-site technology support
  • Ensure the technology systems are deployed and tested to agree requirements.
  • Act as the single point of contact within the venue for escalation and resolution of technology related issues in close cooperation with the venue management team.

All other tasks as needed to ensure the overall successful of the event. 

Technology / technical background

  • Must be passionate about, and completely focused on operational readiness and impeccable operations.
  • Proven experience of operating within a team environment and building relationships that foster cross team collaboration. 
  • Background in and understanding of IT technology services
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Experience in providing technical support and asset management service

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