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IT Infrastructure

The Port of Baku is the oldest and largest port on the Caspian Sea. For centuries, Port of Baku served as a link between East and West, alongside the ancient Silk Road, as well as North-South transport corridor that connects North Europe and Russia with Middle East and South Asia.

Eurodesign has won the tender for building IT-Infrastructure of Baku Seaport. It is a huge project that require advanced professionalism in IT as well as good experience of project management. Eurodesign provides IT Consultancy, high level design as well as low level design, networking, voice, software development for Port of Baku.

Project Scope:

  • Consultancy and high level design
  • Data Center
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Web Design
  • LVS
  • ERP and other Business Services Applications Roadmap
  • DBA Port Community System Integration and Interfaces

The project is expected to be delivered by 2018.

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